Parking Lot Asphalt | Commercial Paving in Plant City | We have been an Asphalt company offering commercial paving in Plant City for over three decades. Our services remain unmatched when polishing homes and providing construction across different parts of the city.

We also offer services in polishing and constructing sports courts, roads, parking lots, access drives, among many more.

Here are the reasons you can trust us to deliver what you need to perfection.

Extensive Research Before Each Project

Before we can do any project, our team of professionals will conduct the necessary survey to determine the needs and the extent of services required.

Once this is completed, we move to the next level of discussing the findings with you. This step is critical since it provides what is needed and how to make adjustments to meet your needs.

In addition, this process allows discovering new methods of doing things while also enacting the existing standards to perfection.

Low-Cost Services

With an increasing number of construction services, having a clear outline of what a project can cost may be challenging. For this reason, some contractors are likely to take advantage and charge exorbitant prices, inflating the cost to figures you had not foreseen.

However, at Road Pros Asphalt transparency is our core business; we will provide you with clear costing right from the start.

This will help you determine the exact cost of what you need while also giving you ample time to adjust your finances. As a result, do not look any further; we will explain everything in simple terms and help you all step of the way.

We are Experienced in the Industry

One of the surest ways to test out things is through experience. It gives you a chance to gauge what works and what does not. Besides, it also equips one with skills that are tight over a while. We have been in the industry since 1982, providing service and remaining relevant throughout the period. We have learned how to handle different terrains and what materials to use for durability during this time.

As a result, when in need of commercial paving in Plant City, there is no better way to do it than with Road Pros Asphalt. We will deliver what you need efficiently with no difficulties and on time.

Free Offers Provided ByRoad Pros Asphalt

At the core of every successful project is the planning that goes into it. However, planning without factoring in what a project would cost is still incomplete. This is why we have free quote services to give clients a clear picture of what costs they should prepare for.

The process is transparent and does not entail hidden costs. You can be sure to have your desires met by taking time to get a free quote from us.

Ultimate Partner for Commercial Paving in Plant City

Commercial Asphalt

Getting started with commercial paving in Plant City doest have to be confusing. Since every state has regulations and standards that service providers should meet, we are not an exception. An example being how older asphalt gets responsible handled during construction.

We have proven ourselves capable of meeting client needs while observing safety features granting us access to all the necessary licensing.

All you need is a professional service provider that understands your needs. Road Pros Asphalt has unmatched expertise and experience you can trust.

You can get started by getting a free quote and letting our experts walk you through the remaining steps.

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    Road Pros Asphalt is the asphalt paving contractor, residential and commercial property owners throughout Central Florida trusts in. The quality of our results speaks to our 40+ years of experience and attention to detail, and will never leave a job site until we have the full approval of the customer.

    We offer comprehensive asphalt services—From paving, maintenance, & repair – Full service asphalt operations, from grading to striping.

    Let us bring you a cost-effective, lasting solution to your paving needs.


    Commercial-grade asphalt projects do not scare us away! Road Pros Asphalt is the local authority on commercial paving and asphalt in Central Florida, capable of delivering results to projects big and small.

    Services Offered:

    Access Drives
    Parking Lots
    Sport Courts


    Road Pros Asphalt understands what well-paved surfaces can do for your residential property values. If you’re sick of driving on a gravel driveway or want to pave a walking path through your property, give us a call.

    Services Offered:

    Parking Pads
    Tennis Courts
    Walking Paths